3 ways why packaging is necessary for the product:

Every company wants their product to be safe and sound. Without a damage their product goes in the hand of the customer. So, that the customer wouldn’t complain to company about giving the damage product when the full money is paid. It is not good for company’s reputation and also financially. After time if the damage product is being sold then the company will not make profit. There are such things why is it necessary to improve the Packaging box [กล่องบรรจุภัณฑ์, which is the term in Thai] of the product. Some of the them are as

  • Protect is from getting damage

 The product doesn’t get damaged if there is a box on it. And more importantly putting the main box inside a box will be great. That’s why protection can be increased. The product inside the box is safe from getting dropped and other damages that can take place while shipping.

  • Safe from the water

 Keeping the product safe from the water is very important. That is why every mobile company wraps the phone box in the plastic. So, that is can be safe from rainwater. And even after that the box is further packed into another box and that box is packed into plastic for further safety.

  • From being delivered to the wrong person

The company puts the delivery address on the front of the packaging box. So, it becomes easy for every delivery boy to deliver the box to the right person. IF there is no box then company has to come up with another idea of delivering right product right customers. Like bar code or something but then it will cost more. But by using packaging box it becomes easy and plus saving the money too for companies.

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