Best Options for Running the CRM

CRM is a powerful sales strategy is closer relationships with your customer. Learn how to maximize results anyone who owns a business knows the importance of management that directs the focus of their efforts to ensure profitable returns.One of the best ways to make this work, especially when it comes to sales strategy is to tighten the customer relationship is the free crm software.This article aims to clarify what this is and what are the CRM applications in your company.

What is CRM?

As explained above, CRM is regarded as a customer-focused business strategy. In other words, the company’s actions focus on the customer overlapping the products. For the perfect lead generation business this is the ultimate tool for you.

  • Do not confuse with tools that only guarantees an application of the CRM method.
  • This strategy targets certain areas of the business such as marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • The system is divided into two blocks aimed at capturing knowledge about its customers: interaction and acquisition systems.
  • Interaction systems include, for example, customer service channels, POS (cash front system), etc.
  • In the acquisition systems, the data collected by the service channels are analyzed and will assist in the purchase and sale data and relationship studies, being converted into reports and graphs.

This data can be used by the company to separate customers for likely campaigns – so CRM data can be analyzed to see if the customer is satisfied, as well as to portray a customer profile and what types of customers consume that product.

Why is it such an important tool for my business?

Besides being a huge differentiator, the crm tools generate positive results for your company in terms of profit and sales.

  • In small businesses, the CRM method is responsible for building customer loyalty through personalized service.
  • In large companies, with a customer database, it is possible to establish a faster method of purchase.

Just as in a large company, where the same data can give you access to the information you need for service and negotiation, you can do your job knowing what each customer’s subject is all about.

Data can also provide useful information, such as seeing which customer is the best business prospect  concerningthe effort spent on selling.

The Four CRM Applications


  • Customer service, support teams, and after-sales are responsible for collecting information that can later be converted to customer data.
  • Product and service functionality as suggestions that can be used later as solutions for your customers.


With the data obtained by Operational, this sector will prepare reports and analyzes necessary to segment and identify the needs of those customers – which will result in closer service between company and customer.

Also here will be available data to be turned into possible negotiations and also a reversal for ways to retain it.


In this area, the information collected will be distributed at all negotiation and customer relationship points so that all agents create ways to collaborate with a focus on customer service.

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