Five Pros To Work Full Time In Hong Kong

What makes you want to work in Hong Kong? Let us examine the five reasons (or pros).

1 – Use Hong Kong as a stepping stone and aim to open up the bigger China market

Hong Kong is close in proximity to mainland China, or Shenzhen. China is a enormous market with huge growth potential to all categories of businesses. Many international companies in the past years have expanded their branches and businesses to China with some successes and sales growth.

2 – Get a job offer from a Hong Kong based company

As long as you have a job offer from a local company which is based in HK, you can apply for Hong Kong work visa. This means when you have past working experience in your own country and you are highly skilled in your field of work, you would stand a chance to apply and work for one of the companies in HK which is willing to give you a job offer.

3 – Work in Central district of the city

Depending on the industry of your company and the field of work that you do, as a foreigner you would want to choose working in the Central district when starting your working career in Hong Kong. The Central business district is not the heart of the city geographically, but it has the significance of great importance for the majority of the most important businesses in HK for decades.

Even though working in Central has both its good and bad, let us examine the reasoning. Central is definitely the home (or neighborhood) to four of the top ten tallest buildings in Hong Kong. They are the head offices of HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of East Asia and Hang Seng Bank. This transforms into being in the heart of the financial prowess of the city.

4 – Easy transportation in the city

In terms of transportation, whether you physically live in Tsuen Wan, Tai Po, Tseung Kwan O, Tung Chung or Discovery Bay, with the massive network of the MTR (i.e. underground transport), there are always direct route from these residential areas to the Central office area.

Even if you do not work in Central, you may well be employed by companies whose offices are located in East Kowloon or Eastern district of the HK Island. These areas are also easily accessible because of the same reason.

5 – Relocate your spouse and children to join you

What if you have family including a spouse or a couple of children? With the help of a visa or immigration expert, you can easily get them apply for Hong Kong dependent visa for your spouse and children.

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