How the Bail Bonding Process Works?

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When a defendant is unable to pay a certain amount of bail money circulatory services or firms, work as bail bond agents. A bail bond is a type of agreement where in the defendant has to pay 10% of the money and the rest 90% is paid or dissolved after the court hearing. These agents can sign you up on a collateral which is nothing but mortgaging your owned asset and property. Usually, these services are located nearby the jail and they have specific booking number. If you are in Bay Minette and any of your loved ones is arrested or imprisoned then you can hire the bail bonding services in Bay Minette, AL.

There are usually a few steps in the entire process.

  1. Arrest

A suspected criminal or an arrestee is taken into custody by the police. They have two options to either file a case or not. If a charge is filed, then the arrestee has to be under the bars until a certain bail amount is decided. If the crime is aggravated, then the police will not release you till the court trial.

  1. Bail

A bail amount when set can be large enough to pay. At that time, you can contact a bail bond agent who can set you free by confiscating 10-15% of the bail amount and making you sign a release bond.

  1. Bail Bond

Remember to read the rules, the conditions and the amount carefully. Also, this bond frees you but it also makes you liable to appear on the date of the court trial. If you do not appear, then the agent has every right to track you down and put you behind bars again. Also, if you have mortgaged your property, by not appearing on the trial date, you risk your chances at losing them to the firm one by one.

  1. Trial

If the court trial waivers off your bail then the amount taken by the agent becomes his profit and you become a free citizen with clean slates again. However, if the court agrees on setting another bail amount then you can trace back your steps and contact your agent again. This makes you a free man and also makes you available for paying the rest bail amount.

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