How To Handle Negative Reviews On Your Ecommerce Website

When you run an eCommerce website, you must be likely to receive a ton of both positive and negative reviews. Some negative comments and reports can be quite a threat to your organization’s existence, and hence, it is crucial to be able to deal with feedbacks strategically and with utmost care or you can choose to take the help of an eCommerce agency to deal with it.

Here are some pointers to know how you can handle negative reviews on your eCommerce website.

  • Be quick with your responses 

It is essential to be prompt with your responses whenever you receive negative feedback from a client. This shows your sincerity and dedication towards your job and business at large. You should be able to reach out to the client and talk to them about the issue. This, in turn, can act as the catalyst for sorting the subject itself and might even result in the customer willing to give you a second chance.

  • Handle the issue offline

Sometimes, please engage in a private discussion over an email or a phone call with the customer and try to understand the situation’s depth on a one-on-one basis. Sometimes, rather than leaving a public comment, handling issues offline results in more efficiency. It assures the customer that you are willing to provide first-hand solutions and do whatever you can to get the problem sorted.

  • Act politely

There might be times when a customer might be very distressed and might act very rudely. It is easy to get carried away and lose your emotions too under certain stressful circumstances. During these times, you need to remember the company culture and act carefully with utmost kindness under such situations. You will need to assure the client that the issue will be taken care of irrespective of how he or she might choose to behave.

  • Request your customer to remove the defamatory reviews

While having a conversation with your customer, ask them to remove the defamatory reviews once the issue has been sorted. Most customer rating platforms do not allow you to remove reviews. In case there happens to be an exceptional case where an investigation is particularly vilifying or defamatory, you may ask the customer to take it down while attempting to sort their issues at the same time.

  • Give the customer a verification call after the issue has been solved.

Once you have attempted to sort the issue, always call up the customer for a second time to have an understanding of their experience and whether they are happy with your assistance or not. This will help you retain your client base, but it will also help you revive your eCommerce website to a better level.


It is imperative to receive negative comments when you run a company. There will always be distressed clients who will complain and leave negative feedback. How you are going to deal with it is entirely up to you. With the points as mentioned earlier, you will be able to deal with these issues head-on and with grace as well!

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