Latest trends in digital marketing

Nowadays, all the companies are promoting and selling their products online or using other digital medium or channels. They are using different tools like search engines, mobile apps etc. for introducing their companies and products to the people and convincing them to buy them. Some digital marketing processes include social media, pay-per click, blogging etc. If you want to create a career in this booming industry, you can visit website.

Latest trends that you can follow:

  • Artificial Intelligence: It is now powering the segmentation of the customers. It is a combination of endless possibilities and now it is creating contents too. Some marketers are using it for product recommendation and some for them are using it for campaign optimization. It analyses the behavior of the consumers and their dependence on the products by collecting data from social media and other sources and check whether their consumers are satisfied with the products or not.
  • Chatbots:This software is used to communicate with the user and make a conversation over the internet. It answers the questions of the users like a real person in natural language. It optimizes the services of the customers.

It performs two different tasks:

  1. User request analysis: It is the first task that is performed at the core of the chatbots. In this process, user’s request is analyzed first to identify the intent of the user and then relevant entities are extracted on that basis.
  2. Returning the responses: After identifying user’s intent, the chatbot is responsible for giving the best and appropriate response to the user.


  • It directly interacts with the users and enhances their experience. They reduce the cost of customer service by increasing its operational efficiency.
  • There are many options available if you want to achieve the best results like: machine learning, natural language processing, semantic understanding etc. by combining it with different forms of artificial intelligence.

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