7 Essential Items to Keep In Maternity Clothing Kit

Pre-pregnancy wardrobe setting appears as an important job when it comes to deal with the maternity style. Ladies can move freely in the early months but it becomes little uncomfortable to wear stylish dresses especially when the belly pop up. Mothercare UAE store has the impressive collection of maternity clothing fulfilling the desire to manage fashion and style. Mothercare UAE Coupon is the biggest money saving opportunity for expecting mothers willing to go with their fashionable routine. What to shop for these days? Focus on the following important styles and fashions to spend the expecting days with comfort.


The bellybands are a must to keep item in the wardrobe of an expecting mother. It not only supports the mothers to hold the pressure of growing body but also helps the mothers to enjoy the pre-pregnancy clothing. Bring the bellybands right now and ensure that you will continue the style.

Maternity Leggings:

Investing in quality leggings is essential for the expecting mothers. Do you have leggings in the wardrobe? Well, this time you will need to purchase the quality maternity leggings. These are very important to keep the mothers comfortable. Wearing these leggings is so simple and easy. Mothercare UAE store recommends the mothers to explore the best leggings from the “New Arrivals” category.

Maternity Jeans:

Do you love wearing jeans? For the expecting mothers, it is little complicated to try tight jeans. However, the fashion designers and stylists at Mothercare have introduced special maternity jeans. These are ideal for the ladies who don’t want to wear the leggings everywhere. It is best to give them a try in order to maintain your style even in the pregnancy days. Wearing the jeans could be little complicated but the maternity jeans are comfortable and easy to wear.


Ladies in UAE can try the best jumpsuits for summer days. However, stylists have launched maternity jumpsuits with special modifications. Pregnancy is an important time but experimenting is not prohibited in this duration. It is essential to bring the special maternity jumpsuits right now. Mothercare UAE Coupon enables the expecting moms to purchase the high quality jumpsuits especially the maternity jumpsuits.

Nursing Crossover Shirt:

Your body size is going up. A simple shirt will not adjust with this size. It is necessary to find a tailor to stitch special shirts for this period. However, Mothercare UAE has the special collection of nursing shirts or maternity shirts. These shirts are valuable in order to look smart. Bring these special shirts and you will find this investment really effective.

Nursing Shawl or Maternity Poncho:

It is hard to underestimate the value of a drape-able layering piece. This is best as a nursing wear. Mothers who like to have a nursing shawl to stop the cold must keep the best items in wardrobe. Mothercare provides access to the quality nursing clothing and apparels. The maternity poncho would be the best in this list and it comes with a Mothercare UAE Coupon Find the best choices to maintain your fashion appetite even in the pregnancy days.

Fabulous LBD:

Women love to wear black dresses on different occasions. This preference will not change even in the pregnancy time. Bring the pregnancy LBD to flatter the belly. The hemline continually creeps as the belly grows. Therefore, it is essential to see the Mothercare UAE Coupon. Buy the stylish maternity clothing and apparels to spend the special days with a sense of comfort and style.

Mothercare UAE is the special store where ladies can shop their favorite wardrobe item. This store in collaboration with Coupon.ae helps the pregnant women to fill the wardrobe with essentials.

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