Banner Advertising: What Kind of Banner Advertisements Exist?

Banner ads are one of the most prominent tools made use of by services as well as offer a substantial range of benefits for firms large and small.

Ecommerce banner design [รับออกแบบ Banner ecommerce, which is the term in Thai]develops company as well as brand name visibility, builds brand acknowledgment, draws in users, and supplies easily measured results.

For service marketing experts that are considering implementing a banner marketing campaign, here are various types of banner advertisements that exist:

  • Flash Banners

Making use of Adobe Flash technology, a flash banner produces a banner that is computer-animated, typically in a complicated way.

As an example, a flash banner could be a short movie, and commonly will use audio or be interactive;they respond to what the consumer is doing. If the consumer relocates the mouse to various parts of the web page, the banner might respond appropriately.

A flash banner might start with a single background or photo and afterward changes to something else entirely.

  • Computer Animated GIF Banners

GIF is a style for photo documents, as well as a GIF banner, is an animated creation that contains picture or text that’s formatted in GIF.

One huge benefit, as well as major distinction, in between computer animated GIF as well as flash banners is that GIF banners do not require any plugins to be seen, whereas flash banners need an Adobe flash player.

  • Fixed Banners

Static banners are exactly what they seem like, banners that do not relocate, or that are enclosed in still, single structures. Often times, a fixed banner might have a tiny element of computer animation, such as blinking or color-changing message, yet the structure doesn’t alter, i.e., the image never transforms from one to another slide show, as it does in both flash as well as computer animated GIF banners. Fixed banners get to the point rapidly.

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