Brand Recognition and Beyond

Brand recognition may be the extent that customers recognize a brandname as well as their attitudes toward the company. Whenever a new brand is introduced, brand recognition develops based on 5 progressive stages:

Brand Rejection.

If customers possess a negative knowledge about your products, they might make an effort to prevent your brand later on. It’s important to not ignore customers’ negative encounters, but to deal with grievances and complaints before brand rejection escalates. For instance, if you’re conscious of complaints upon your customer support department, produce a emblem or slogan that advertises your dedication to things to look for. When you believe that some consumers may reject you and your product, you are able to develop ways of affect the situation.

Brand non-recognition.

In case your method is not clearly dissimilar to your competition, customers might not recognize your brand whatsoever. It is vital to highlight why is your products unique. Carefully label every individual service or product having a distinctive name, just like you branded your online business in general. Make certain that names for services and products actually highlight and reinforce the initial options that come with your brand.

Brand recognition.

If you’re stuck within the brand non-recognition stage, brand recognition is your main goal. In brand recognition, customers simply recognize your brand. At this time, customers will choose your products more than a competitor’s product which they can’t recognize. However, brand recognition never confers a lasting advantage since your competition is also spending so much time to differentiate their brand from yours.

Brand preference.

Once customers can differentiate your products in the competitors’, customers who think that your products distinctively meets their demands will select your brand. Like brand recognition, brand preference confers temporary benefits: at any time, your competition may intensify their advertising campaign with the addition of value or lowering prices. Therefore, independent business proprietors shouldn’t visit mere brand preference but should shoot for the best type of brand recognition, brand loyalty.

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