Introduction to C-TPAT certification

Shipment of goods or products are being in trend nowadays. And in the process of International shipment there is a risk of terrorism and other illegal activities. So here safety is one of the top most priority for every company that offers International shipments. C-TPAT stands for customer trade partnership against terrorism this is the certificate used by many trade industries to ensure the safety of terrorism. It is very important that one’s company should be C-TPAT certified before any shipment transaction. And it is the right of your customer to know that your company is certified or not in order to avoid any kind of trouble in future.

What is benefit one’s company can get by C-TPAT certification?

For the business who offers shipment opportunities C-TPAT certification provide great benefits to them. It will help you with the process of documentation required for the international import and export of product. It reduces the number of restrictions and steps followed for trading purpose. Through C-TPAT you can provide better customer service as it saves a lot of time of enquiry. Once you are C-TPAT certified you don’t need to invest much throughout the process because you have already invest in the certification process. If you are C-TPAT certified you can get more opportunity to work with other international companies. Lastly it also reflect your brand image that how much you are interested in the safety of your customer as well as your brand.

Need to hire C-TPAT certificate consultant:

C-TPAT Consultant [C-TPAT ที่ปรึกษา , which is the term in Thai] will help you in understanding the need of C-TPAT certification for safety purpose. They will help you in speeding up transporting process. In the situation of disaster or terrorist attack the companies who are C-TPAT certified can reset their business with any lengthy investigations. In the case of some misshape hired consultant can cut off your penalty till 30% to 50%.

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