Language is most important in today’s world as we have reached new levels of communication

The most basic and important thing that humans do to communicate with each other is to talk with each other. The point is that Speech and language, in general, have the capability to connect a room full of people like nothing else. The interesting part about language is that it is a very dynamic topic. That is to say; you can never find a room full of people who speak only one language and that too the same language. It is because language is one of the most diverse aspects of human civilization. Language fluctuates between regions, religions, and cultures. And even in a single language, there are variations of dialects, pronunciation, and grammatical terms. So, in a nutshell, language is perhaps the most diverse aspect of human society and culture.

What is the official international language? Why is it important?

Now, if you think about these aspects of differentiations in a language you will soon find out that there is no single way to communicate with all the people of this world by using a language. That is to say that there is practically no international common language out there. The closest one that comes into mind in this regard is English. English has been accepted as a formal and official language in most countries. This is to bring about a common medium of communication amongst different parts of the world and that too in good faith. English is thus an important factor in communication and formal work across the globe. And now, with the level of globalization at play, English is the most prominent language for every aspect of life. With proper knowledge in English, you can pursue almost any field of study or any career.

Hire a good Indonesian English translator from online platforms

In Indonesia, however, the major language of communication is still Indonesian. But if you want to learn about basic English, you can do so by hiring a good Indonesian English translate (translate inggris indonesia , which is the term in Indonesian) instructor. There are freelance translators available online on different hiring platforms. So if you so require their service, do hire them from these online platforms.

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