Smart Choices for the Best Air Conditioning Options

If you are looking for high performance air conditioning, the wall mounted air conditioner is your solution. This is a classic model, but also the most powerful of his colleagues. Settling on a wall, it is quiet, aesthetic and space-saving. For more discretion, you can also choose the air conditioning cassette. It is equipped with an indoor unit that installs directly into the false ceilings. It allows the air conditioning of a surface from 40 to 150 m², and its reversible system allows offering an optimal comfort. With GNR Corbus  you can come up with the best solutions now.

Important criteria for choosing an air conditioner

Before embarking on the quest for air conditioning, you must define your needs. It is then necessary to ask some questions, in particular on the use, the surface to be air-conditioned, etc. Indeed, an air conditioner used in summer only is different from a model that will serve all year. Similarly, the performance must be different depending on the surface to cool or heat. Anyway, you still have the opportunity to seek the help of an air conditioning expert 91. This one can then accompany you in the choice and the installation by offering you a service of quality. In short, here are the main criteria to consider when choosing an air conditioner.

The climate

The choice of air conditioner is different depending on the climate of your area. If you live in a traditionally hot area, it is advisable to opt for a split air conditioner. This model will allow a good air conditioning performance, without letting go during cold seasons. On the other hand, in the warmer regions in summer, the monobloc air conditioner is more suitable. Less powerful than the split, the monobloc nevertheless offers a power largely sufficient to cool during the heat wave seasons. Then, it is more practical thanks to its wheels allowing an easy movement in the house.

The dimension of space

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is crucial when choosing the equipment. And this characteristic depends largely on the surface of the piece to be refreshed. This cooling capacity is expressed in BTU or British thermal unit. And for an area of ​​20 m², it will require at least one device with a power of 800 BTU. This criterion influences the efficiency of the air conditioner, as well as its power consumption. In addition, note that the efficiency of your air conditioning system also depends on other factors. Among other things, there is the orientation of the house, the number of occupants, and the insulation of the rooms. A professional intervention could then be of great help to find a device that is both effective and efficient. So, do not hesitate to contact an air conditioning specialist 91 to help you make the right choice.

Other criteria

Finally, noise, price, aesthetics and energy consumption of the device are also criteria that should not be overlooked. These characteristics remain, however, personal and it is up to each one to take them into account according to the preference. Then, everyone can choose a different design according to the decoration of his house.

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