Tips to Help you Purchase a New Home

There’s more to purchasing a home than picking your favourite listing and moving in. It’s vital to understand all the steps of buying a house, as well as what to look for when buying in the UK property market; what questions to ask, understand the hidden costs, and how to deal with it.

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re hoping to down-size, it’s normal to have a few viewings of a property before settling on the right choice to get it.

Black Castle Properties LTD will help you investigate the property you wish to buy, which is an awesome thought in fact.

Endeavour to take a look at the potential problem areas outside the property.

Similarly, while visiting the home, investigate whether the windows are having any issues. The following aspects of your potential new house should be investigated:


  • Rooftop – Age/Flat or Pitched/Missing Tiles.
  • Windows – Double Glazing/Frame Cracks/Condensation.
  • Direction – Which way does the house face?
  • Splits – Bricks/Plaster/Wood.
  • Augmentations – Is there any space for advancements?
  • Stopping – Garage/Drive/Road Side.
  • Weeds – specifically, Japanese Knot Weed.

When you have stepped inside the property, it is advisable to investigate certain parts of the home, as well.

Investigating the upper room, and whether it could be changed, may mean you find extra room – or maybe even the chance to broaden.

Be sure to consider the telephone service too before you purchase, might be valuable.


  • Upper room – Access/Space/Could it be improved?
  • Power Points – Where are they arranged? What condition would are they in?
  • Splits – Plaster.
  • Telephone Service.
  • Security – What are the Locks like on the Doors and Windows?
  • Floors – Any bizarre plunges or listing, particularly in the bathrooms.
  • What’s Included – Fridge/Washing Machine?
  • Pipes – Are the channels protected?

Extra room

  • Room Size – Are they enormous enough and is there space to develop?

For some individuals, location plays a major role on whether they make a buy.

In addition to the fact that you should check what the neighbourhood amenities is like. It is recommended you consider whether passers-by late at night would disturb you or even aeroplanes overhead.

Surrounded Area

  • Are under a flight path?
  • Weather beaten Buildings close-by?
  • Is there a neighbourhood Dump?
  • Insecurity Rates.
  • Is there a respectable school close-by?
  • Is there neighbourhood transport close-by?
  • Trees – Could they block daylight or views?
  • Assess to nearby shops.
  • Building work.
  • Bars/takeaways/bars close-by.

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