ways to promote your website and reach your target audience

How many times have you heard the phrase “If it is not on the Internet, it does not exist?”  Surely many, especially if your business is online.

Let me tell you one thing: you can Open shop in Lazada platform (เปิดร้าน Lazada which is the term in Thai) and not exist. Yes, you can have a web page and be invisible to your potential client because not even Google knows you.

Therefore, it is vital to prepare a dynamic web page that integrates a corporate blog and is useful for all those interested in the product or service you offer.

It is useless to have a web page that is not updated and that is not even positioned correctly for the main keyword of your business. This is why today we will talk about some strategies to publicize your website and reach where your customers are.

Disclaimer: the techniques we are going to talk about do not apply to all businesses but they will help you get ideas to extrapolate it to your project. The strategy of the sock brand that only sells online will be the same as the hardware store in the neighbourhood.

Content Marketing: The Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs help improve organic positioning, generate web traffic, content is spread well through social networks and through them you can get powerful feedback from users.

Also, if you draw a good strategy of the keywords that you are interested in positioning for your business, it can be a good ally to derive interesting traffic to the product or service records. In other words, transform the informational keywords into transactional—take this as consultation for life problems (รับปรึกษาปัญหาชีวิต which is the term in Thai).

To work your company’s blog and not die trying it is essential to create an editorial calendar. This tool is your best friend if you want to start giving content to content marketing.

Content Marketing: Create A Podcast Or A Youtube Channel

Another way to generate content to publicize your website is through a corporate podcast or a YouTube channel. When I talk about these two formats I do not mean that you only talk about the benefits of your services or products, you have to add value and solve the doubts of your users to generate confidence and that when they need you they have you on their radar.

In general when you are going to create content, whether in written, audio or video format, it is very important that you analyze the search intent of your users.

For example, if you sell bicycle products and you are going to make content related to how to fix a flat tire, it is better that you record a video to make a podcast to explain it. It may seem common sense but you just have to search Google to find out what the results are.

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