What is so good about Bérêche & fils wines you must know?

Bérêche & fils is a range of wines that you can be proud to serve. In an attempt to satisfy both novice and experienced wine drinkers we have selected, from our best vineyards, wines which are good value for money that will only improve in the cellar. We aim to make wine simple and pleasurable to drink and we have already enjoyed great success. Bérêche & fils wines are produced using traditional methods. 100% hand-made and hand-crafted in a very small cellar in the heart of Armagnac country. We are recognized as a family of wine producers who know how to get the best out of a vineyard while respecting its identity. 

This is why our wines have their personality and their exceptional character, which has been recognized on numerous occasions by the finest wine critics and top restaurants around the world such as “Vinum-Guide”, Robert Parker, Revue des Vins de France, etc. The goal of Bérêche & fils is to create elegant wines that are accessible and versatile. French wines should be able to match local cuisine in all its diversity, which is why we look down to earth, working with the best partners to produce wines that can rise to every occasion: organically-grown grapes, state-of-the-art wineries, and a perfect marriage between tradition and innovation.

Our wines are made to be enjoyed with food, and all deserve your consideration for special occasions. Count on us for value as our prices compare very favorably with other natural wines. Bérêche & fils’ wines are made from organically grown grapes in a very human way. Our wines can be enjoyed immediately; there is no need to store them foraging. Beyond this, we make use of wooden barrels for aging certain of our wines to emphasize their fruitiness, which resembles freshness rather than maturity. All the processes are handmade by Bérêche & fils vignerons and so can be considered artisanal methods.

Bérêche & fils is a range of village wines that you can discover at Groupon.fr. Bérêche & fils, the house of good wines since 1905. Bérêche & fils wanted to make a difference in the wine business by making wines that could compete with the best and most valued imported wines in the world. They started making wine under the approval of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through gamma irradiation in special tanks and created a good, alcohol-free wine.

Bérêche & fils is a family-owned winery, and as such, they prefer working in small quantities to produce some of the finest wines France has to offer. Bérêche produces exceptional quality wines, with a focus on value wines. Considered by many a benchmark of high-quality Bordeaux wines and known for their balance, finesse, and elegance, our wines are made according to traditional methods. The style is full-bodied, balanced, and structured. A range of award-winning wines, including the Grand Vin de Bérèche & fils Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 – rated 95 in Robert Parker”s Wine Advocate –is now available in your local liquor store.

Our wines are crafted by Thierry Bérêche and his sons. They try to make wines that speak both of their terroirs, and traditional Burgundian styles. Bérêche & fils wines take as their starting point the pure flavors of the vintage and place them in the hands of a wine-making team that believes in the continuing importance of Burgundian tradition. The care with which Bérêche & fils adds value to these wines comes from more than a hundred years of experience and a constant, ongoing quest for excellence.

Bérêche & fils wines are made by a family that has been cultivating vineyards for many generations in Southwest France. They aim to be faithful to themselves and their land, while always striving to improve the quality of their wine. They do this by following the cycles of nature, maintaining respect for the grape and its terroir, as well as educating their winemakers, who come from different countries around the world. Bérêche & fils wines are characterized by their purity and balance and for the quality of their aromas, which result from a natural expression of the regions’ terroir (soil and climate).

Bérêche & fils wines are produced with the utmost care. The art of blending different grape varieties to achieve a harmonious result has been practiced for centuries around the world and is the basis for most of them. In some winemaking regions, even the blending of different grape varieties whose names are not usually associated with wine production is common practice. Bérêche & fils is a family-owned winery that produces wines in Beaujolais, France. We started our craft in 2007 in the very heart of Burgundy. Nowadays, we have 6 different wines to satisfy your every palate’s needs. Contact us for a unique and exclusive experience.

Bérêche & fils has been dedicated to the excellence of their production. The family vineyards are located in Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, near the town Yverdon-les-Bains. On a mountainside at the foot of Mount Pilate, its chalky soil and mild climate allows obtaining grapes that are the expression of their terroir. Bérêche & fils, located in the Rhône Valley is a family-owned and fully independent estate, whose 50 hectares of vines grow organically and biodynamically on the hills of Crozes-Hermitage.

Bérêche & fils is known for producing wines of extreme purity and quality, produced by rigorous and meticulous work in their vineyards and cellars. They only harvest their grapes when perfectly ripe and use modern winemaking techniques for each of their cuvées to achieve optimal expression of terroir. The Armagnac released from the cellars Online wine auction has a very unique character with a strong personality, seduced by its finesse, will be appreciated for its balance, smoothness, and unique aroma.

Bérêche & fils is celebrating the sixtieth year of winemaking in the Saint Joseph hills. It is not only the extensive experience acquired by the generations that have passed that is valuable, but it is also the high standard of quality in its wines. Since this cognac producer has always been family-run, they are better able to preserve their unique identity at all costs. This spirit of perpetuity can be found throughout every step of the production process, from vineyard management to vinification and aging.

Bérêche and Fils wines offer a taste of the true value of Burgundy wines because Olivier Berche has succeeded in making his wine from the purest grape varieties of Gevrey-Chambertin, and thanks to his great vineyards, located on south slopes, he can allow the wine time in barrel for it to acquire the complexity and depth of color it deserves. This range of wines is made from 100% Muscat or Bourboulenc grapes from the Coteaux Varois hillsides, southeast of Nice. In 1957, Michel Bérèche established Bérèche & Fils. His daughters joined him in the business and today Gisèle, Maria, and Muriel continue the quest to express the best from the Muscat or Bourboulenc grape. Our wines are produced in small quantities and the winemaking process is hands-on, without the aid of any machines.

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