Why Is Hair Transplant a Boon in the Cosmetic Surgery

The hair transplant is a boon in the plastic & cosmetic surgery due to its cosmetic importance of enhancing one4’s looks and personality. The hair transplant surgery is used to treat the baldness permanently by facilitating the re-growth of hair from the areas where it has been lost. Hair transplant in Delhi is one of the top decisions for hair transplant patients as it offers the best choice option with many lucrative benefits satisfy one’s need and demand. In the context cost, the hair transplant cost in Delhi ranges anywhere from 80,000-2, 00,000 INR/. The plastic & cosmetic surgery, especially the hair transplant procedure is all about restoring one’s looks and aesthetic beauty by facilitating the re-growth of hair. Therefore, it is advisable to go for surgical restoration if experiencing the pattern hair loss.

What is Hair Transplant & how does it perform?

The surgical hair restoration is performed by transferring the hair roots from the donor area to the recipient one via the hair root dissection process and thus a surgeon gets able to cover the bald areas with full of viable grafts. The hair restoration surgery is needed to be performed by the skilled and expert surgeon having an outstanding sense of doing the aesthetic task with the balance of surgical precision. The re-growth of hair is possible once a person receives the surgical restoration of hair. The hair transplant surgery is allowed when a person meets the eligibility criteria to receive the procedure. Therefore, only an expert plastic & cosmetic surgeon is recommended to do the consultation before the surgery as well as the surgical task. As a result, it gets possible to meet the aesthetic demand with hair restoration surgery.

How does the Surgery, Perform?

  1. The Role of Hair root transfer: The procedure initially started with the hair root transfer, either performed by using the FUT technique or through the FUE method. The FUT is a traditional way to extract the follicular units via the strip excision helps in obtaining a number of hair grafts in a single time that can fulfil the high-density demand for the hair transplant surgery. The root transfer process in the surgery is done so precisely in order to maintain the graft’s number that is crucially required in the hair transplant surgery. The role of the hair root transfer process in the surgery is required to be done in such a way so that a patient gets able to receive the desired number of grafts to cover the respective balding areas of the scalp. Thus, it is a mandatory task in the surgery needed to be performed only with the expert hair transplant surgeon.
  2. The Aesthetic task of the Surgery: The aesthetic task of the surgery is done by applying the cosmetic sense as well as the artistic precision in the view of meeting the desired aesthetic demand of the surgery. The aesthetic tasks include the hairline design, slit creation as well as the implantation task that collectively helps in meeting the natural concern of the surgery with respect to design the utmost undetectable hairline design and the placement of grafts so aesthetically. In order to achieve the desired cosmetic goal of the surgery, the performing surgeon must have expertise and experience in dealing with the surgical matter concerning the aesthetic sense of the procedure.

Some Noteworthy Points of Hair Transplant Surgery are jotted down below:

  1. It gives permanent results due to the engagement of only DHT-resistant hair roots that are extracted only from the backside of the scalp. The resistivity character of hair roots remains the same despite getting transplanted to another location on the scalp.
  2. The hair restoration surgery is maintenance and medication-free because of its character of re-growth from the areas where it has been lost its growth. Once a patient receives the hair transplant surgery, they do not need to go further for any medication or therapy option.
  3. The procedure of hair restoration is cost-effective and usually comes under the budget decision.


On the whole, we can that the procedure of hair transplant surgery is a final and permanent cosmetic option to treat the pattern baldness and applies both to men and women.

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