Why social media platforms are a must if you really want to create a brand

If you are starting out a new business, blog or YouTube channel, you must have accounts on different social media platforms. Many people wonder why you need to have an Instagram account if you are going to be a YouTuber. It is a good question. The answer is simple. You are trying to create brand awareness.

How to create brand awareness

Suppose one of your subscribers from YouTube saw you on Instagram. He is a fan of your work. He would quickly follow you. And your other subscribers who like your work would do the same. When people start to like your work, they start to like you too. They would want to know more about you and would follow you on your different accounts as well. This way your followers would increase and more people would be able to reach you. Now many of the new people who would reach you would also visit your YouTube channel. If they like your content they will subscribe your channel and this way your channel would grow.

Which social media platforms are best?

The biggest social media platform is Facebook. You can create a fan page on Facebook. Try to add more and more people there.

Instagram and Twitter are also good.

Do SEO and SMO regularly

Search engine optimization is necessary to rank on Google’s first page[หน้า แรก ของ google, which is the term in Thai]. Social media optimization is necessary so your post would appear on social media search results. If people find you in search results, they are more likely to visit your channel, blog or website especially when you are on the first page.

That’s why you must not overlook the importance of different social media platforms. If people see you everywhere, you will subconsciously affect their mind. They are more likely to subscribe you and follow you then.

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