Advancement For Translators And Interpreters

A lot of self-employed translators and interpreters decide to be independent as a way of advancing. They might submit samples and resumes to several interpretation and translation center (ศูนย์แปลเอกสาร, which is the term in Thai) that will match their expertise with several jobs. A lot of them get work through referrals from colleagues and clients or based on their reputation. Some may decide to start up their own company, where they employ other interpreters or translators to work for them.

Essential Qualities For Translators And Interpreters

Writing Skills

A translator should be able to write effectively and clearly in diverse languages where they work.

Speaking Skills

A translator or interpreter should be able to speak clearly and fluently in diverse languages which they work in.

Listening Skills

An interpreter should be a good listener. He or she must be able to listen in a way that avoids error to interpret correctly to the listening audience.

Interpersonal Skills

A translator or interpreter, mostly the self-employed, should be able to establish a relationship with those who use or hire their services to attract new businesses and retain a client.


Interpreters that specialize in sign language should be able to make a coordinated and quick arm, finger, and hand movement when interpreting.

Cultural Sensitivity

Translators and interpreters should be sensitive to expectations and cultural differences amongst the audience they try to communicate to. Successful translating and interpreting is a matter of understanding people’s culture, not only knowing words in diverse languages.


A translator or interpreter should be able to focus while people are moving or speaking around them.

Business Skill

Self-employed translators and interpreters require a business skill to manage their careers and finances adequately. They should be able to set a specific price for their job, bill clients, and market their service to establish a client base.

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