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Synthetic urine, or as other people call it fake pee, is one of the efficient methods for passing a urine drug test. 

The main idea is that this particular product completely resembles natural human urine that features no traces of illegal substances and drugs such as cocaine, weed, opiates and other drugs that may make you fail the test.

You do not have to worry because it features appropriate levels of uric acid, nitrates, urea, and creatinine as well as optimal pH level that will ensure that you pass a test without anyone noticing that you have tampered with the sample.

Apart from these features, it comes with real smell and balance of water and minerals that will improve its appearance and make it look like regular urine. 

We recommend you to check out a listing from Clear Drug Tests so that you can determine which fake pee is the best for your particular situation.

Have in mind that drug tests are chemical screenings that will use urine specimen and analyze it for illegal drug metabolites that you have consumed before. 

We have mentioned above that they will take urine specimen, but have in mind that there are other types of drug tests as well such as hair, saliva, and blood, which are also common among employers and law enforcement agencies.

The main reason for conducting a drug test is due to the pre-employment or hiring process, but it may happen in case of an accident, before the promotion or due to reasonable doubt that you’re under the influence during the working hours.

Since you will face severe penalties and consequences in case you fail a test due to drug use, it means that you should find ways to pass it without affecting your future.

You can find various types and brands of fake pees, which means that you should see the high-grade synthetic urine that will help you along the way. 

However, the main problem lies in the idea that drug-testing companies are continually trying to improve testing methods and to upgrade them so that you can have minimal chances of tampering with the sample.

At the same time, legalization of weed in some states increased the number of people that have THC in their urine, which means that your employer can quickly terminate your working contract.

You can find it online, in sex shops as well as smoke shops that you can find in your area. Liquid types feature heating pads that will protect its content as well as maintain the consistent temperature it needs to have so that you can pass the screening with ease.

You will also get a small tube so that you can secretly fill the cup when you’re under supervision so that no one can notice that you did anything wrong. 

You can also find it in dry-powder substance. However, this particular one is challenging to use because you have to mix it with water and maintain the temperature before the screening happens. 

It is vital to do it at least a few hours before the test so that you can increase chances of passing. The best way to learn more on THC in general is by checking here.

Things You Should Know About Fake Pee


  • You Can Use It To Pass Urine Drug Test – We have mentioned above that most employers, as well as federal organizations, tend to perform a urinalysis to their interviewees and staff to check whether they have been using drugs or not. We can consider this particular process as UDS or Urine Drug Screening that will check out for the presence of illegal drugs as well as prescription medications. You can rest assured because fake pee does not feature any drug metabolite inside, which means that you have to place the fake urine in the pee cup that you will get so that you can pass the test.
  • You Have To Store It Properly – If you wish for it to function appropriately, you have to store it well. You will get it in a container for storage, and you should seal it to make it both sterile and airtight. In case you are not planning to use it immediately after mixing the powder urine, it is vital to place it in the refrigerator. In case you leave it in room temperature, that will create havoc. 
  • Authenticity Depends On Odor, Color, and Temperature – When you provide a lab technician with a sample, they will know if you have been tampering with the sample primarily if it features foul smell if it is cold and colorless or orange. Therefore, you need to be utterly confident that urine is appropriately stored, as we have advised you above so that it can maintain its authenticity. If you avoid storing it correctly, it will turn dark, and that will say to technicians that you have been tampering with the sample. The color should be pale yellow, and the temperature between 94 and 100 degrees F, which is similar to real urine. The smell should also resemble a real thing in case you wish to improve the overall results.


You can easily visit this guide: and that will help you learn steps you should take to pass any drug test available on the market. 


  • Keep It Warm – You can employ various methods and tactics so that you can maintain the temperature of fake urine. You can use hand warmers, which are available on the market and online. We recommend you to pour it into a container and wrap it with hand warmer. It is vital to ensure that you choose the one that will maintain between 90 and 100 degrees F heat range for a long time. You can also use your body heat as well, which means that you should place the urine in a sealed container and place it on a warm part of your bodies such as armpits and thighs by using tape. Finally, you can use the microwave to heat it for a few seconds, but monitor the procedure because the too high temperature could cause issues as well.



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